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Navratri Raas, Garba, Gujarati Dandiya - Falguni Pathak - Free Download

Falguni Pathak, also known as the undisputed 'Queen of Dandiya' is a hot favorite personality in the Garba & Dandiya world. A very talented and energetic performer, Falguni is considered as a 'Diva' amongst today's young generation. She is not just famous for her powerful vocal talents but also for her stage appearance and entertainment. She is one of the most noted and respected singers in India and abroad with a lot of fan-following. She could be rightly called today's 'Mover & Shaker' in the field of Dandiya.

She is backed by a powerful and dedicated band 'Ta Thaiyaa' which provides the required punch to make the show a grand success. With a long list of shows in India and abroad Falguni has come a long way since she started off as a Dandiya singer.

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-- Aaj Garba Ma Dhoom Machi Jay
-- He Ranglo
-- Ho Rang Rasiya Chhel Chhogada
-- Kaho Poonam Na Chnad Ne
-- Koi Matel Jai Ne Manavo

-- Kukda Tari Bole Mane
-- Maadi Tame Aavo To Ramva Ne Aaj
-- Nadi Kinare Nariyeli Re
-- Pankhida Tu Udi Jaje
-- Radha Govaldi

-- Sava Baser Nu Maru
-- Sona Vatakdi Re
-- Tildi Re
-- Vaaki Varu To Mari
-- Vadaldi Varsi Re